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Kangbao Company's instructions on the change of domestic box stickers and cable ties

Oct 23,2019

Dear customer:

In order to promote kanbosweet ® branding, prevent products from being replaced or fraudulent, and enhance the overall image of products, the company has made changes to domestic box stickers and cable ties. The specific changes are as follows:

1. Domestic box stickers, the layout content has not changed, and the material has changed. Changed from the original Four Seasons self-adhesive yellow background to Aili 5200. Aili 5200 has better viscosity, clear handwriting, print information is not easy to wear and tear, and better quality.

2. The blue cable tie adds the "KANBO" anti-counterfeiting mark.

This change has no impact on the quality management system and product quality.

Recently, there may be two kinds of box stickers and cable ties running at the same time in the market. Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. However, the company guarantees that products of the same specification will be shipped according to the principle of "first in, first out". If you have any questions, you can call Kangbao Company for consultation. Tel: 0546-6085652.