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Another international exhibition brand in my country's food additives and health ingredients industry is about to be born

Oct 26,2019

Another international exhibition brand in China's food additives and health ingredients industry is about to be born

- From November 2019, "FIC Autumn Exhibition" will be renamed "China International Natural Extracts and Health Food Ingredients Exhibition (FIC Health Exhibition) "

  FIC Autumn Exhibition - "National Autumn Food Additives and Ingredients Exhibition" started in Harbin in 2001, and has been held for 18 sessions without interruption since 2018. During this period, it has successively toured in Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Jinan, Zhengzhou, Wuhan, Xiamen and other places; China Food Additives and Ingredients Association, as an industry organization and exhibition organizer, closely follows the world development trend, and has always been committed to leading the industry to meet high-quality supply, enrich social life, and protect the health of Chinese people. The name of FIC Autumn Exhibition 2016-2018 has been expanded to "National Autumn Food Additives and Ingredients Exhibition and Extracts, Functional Ingredients, Health Food Suppliers Meeting ", and successfully held three sessions in Guangzhou.

  FIC autumn exhibition has accumulated many years

  As the largest domestic food additives and ingredients professional exhibition held in the second half of the year, the FIC autumn exhibition has received the attention and active participation of domestic and foreign industry enterprises due to its unique industry background and long-term unremitting accumulation, and the scale of the exhibition continues to expand., the development momentum is rapid. Taking the 2018 FIC Autumn Exhibition as an example, the exhibition area and the number of exhibitors have reached a new high. The exhibition area has increased by 30% compared with the previous session, and the exhibitors have increased by 20% compared with the previous session. At the same time, the number of international exhibitors has increased significantly; the professional audience has reached more than 15,000 times, and the exhibition effect has been continuously praised by domestic and foreign exhibitors and professional visitors.

  The autumn exhibition is an effective extension of the FIC exhibition and a high-quality supply platform for the demand of the big health market. In recent years, the public's awareness and pursuit of healthy life have risen and become a trend. Corresponding to the industry level, especially for the demand for food safety and healthy food in the international and domestic markets, it has become a subdivision that should focus on providing services to keep up with market changes. After the association identified the theme of the exhibition as "National Autumn Food Additives and Ingredients Exhibition and Extract, Functional Ingredients, Health Food Suppliers Meeting", the continuous expansion of the exhibition scale and the rapid development momentum are clear examples. According to the registration of FIC autumn booth sales as of June 2019, in addition to overseas companies that have already participated in the exhibition, some internationally renowned food additives and ingredient companies have registered to participate in the exhibition. It is expected that the number of overseas exhibitors will exceed 20% this year.

  Upgrade to an international FIC health exhibition, focusing on natural extracts and healthy ingredients

  The FIC Autumn Exhibition also plays an important role as a weather vane in the food additive and ingredient industry. Following the development of the times and keeping pace with the times, after precipitation and refinement, the focus of the exhibition has shifted to highlighting various food additives, natural extract products and healthy food ingredients closely related to the big health industry, contributing to the development of the health food industry in an all-round way, serving the international and domestic health food industry. All links in the food industry chain provide opportunities for full product display and in-depth thematic exchanges; with the continuous improvement of the influence of the exhibition, not only domestic exhibitors have enthusiastically signed up, but also many foreign companies have actively signed up for the exhibition. In particular, many well-known international exhibitors in the industry and exhibitors from Belt and Road Initiative countries have actively signed up for the exhibition.

  In order to adapt to the new situation of the continuous increase of international exhibitors and the increase of healthy food ingredient enterprises, with the approval of the relevant departments, the association changed the name of "National Autumn Food Additives and Ingredients Exhibition and Extracts, Functional Ingredients, Health Food Supplier Meeting" to "China International Natural Extracts and Health Food Ingredients Exhibition". After the name change, the exhibition will focus on the exhibition content of health food ingredients and extracts and scientific and technological innovation. The original autumn exhibition food additives and ingredients and equipment, technology and other exhibits are still retained. FIC Autumn Exhibition, a well-known name in the industry, is still reflected in the exhibition name. After the name change of the exhibition, the association will further run this platform for the exchange and international trade of domestic and foreign production and application enterprises, in order to better serve the big health professional food market, the health ingredients industry and the public.

  Upgrade with the times Service that keeps pace with the times

  The renamed "China International Natural Extracts & Health Ingredients Exhibition" (FIC Health Exhibition), English name: China International Natural Extracts & Health Ingredients Exhibition (FIC-Health), the exhibition area will exceed 20,000 square meters, and the exhibition scope includes: plant extracts, animal extracts, aquatic product extracts, food biological products, functional and health food ingredients, food additives, special dietary foods, special medical food formulations, halal food, kosher food, natural baking raw materials, health food, elderly food and food production machinery and equipment, food safety testing instruments, equipment, packaging materials, Food production technology and industry related books and periodicals.

  FIC Health Exhibition will be driven by science and technology as the starting point, with the forward-looking perspective of promoting natural extract functional food ingredient enterprises, the upgrading of the big health industry and the sustainable development of enterprises, and will hold "Natural Extract Innovation and Development Summit Forum", "Functional Food Ingredients Innovation and Development Summit Forum", "Food Ingredients Classification Standard Conference" and other high-end industry activities, specially invited Chinese academicians, industry experts and scientific researchers in new technology research and development in this field as the keynote speakers of the forum, on natural extract functional food ingredients, Industrial development trends, scientific research achievements, industry innovation and development of the big health industry, and the nutritional and health status of Chinese residents Keynote speeches will be given on intervention strategies, the progress of food regulations and standards for special medical purposes, and the huge development opportunities brought by my country's health food industry to the additive and ingredient industry, and food manufacturers and exhibitors in related fields will be invited to participate in the exhibition.

  At the same time, the "Natural Extracts, Functional Health Food Ingredients New Products, New Technology Promotion Exhibition Area" will be opened at the exhibition site, focusing on the promotion of new technologies and new products that are leading in this field at home and abroad, and the most cutting-edge scientific research achievements at home and abroad are transformed into productivity. With the theme, industry and enterprise technical experts are invited to give on-site lectures to promote and interpret new cutting-edge technologies on the spot, so that professional audiences can have face-to-face and in-depth exchanges with R & D enterprises of new products and technologies, so that exhibitors can target professional audiences. Teach applied technologies with strong practical operation, speed up the transformation of scientific research results into productive forces, and provide opportunities for enterprises and industries Development has provided strong new momentum.

  Gather the power of the industry to participate in the event

  After the FIC autumn exhibition is renamed "China International Natural Extracts and Health Food Ingredients Exhibition", the association will make better use of various industry resources such as exhibitors at the FIC exhibition, give full play to the advantages of industry organizations, and further expand publicity and exhibition recruitment at home and abroad. Attract more overseas professional exhibitors and companies engaged in natural extract functional food ingredients to participate in the exhibition.

  At present, the well-known international and domestic companies that have signed up are: Jiabiyou Biotechnology joint stock company, Mattel Technology (Qingdao) joint stock company, Shunda Food Seasoning Co., Ltd., Shenghe Biotechnology Group, Litong Biochemical Products Co., Ltd., Spree Rui Spray System (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Midland Seaweed International Co., Ltd., Keske Trading Co., Ltd., Kiye Company, Solvay Investment Co., Ltd., Xijie Trading Co., Ltd., Kaiari Company, Qingdao Mingyue Seaweed Group Co., Ltd., Tianjin Binhai Jiecheng Specialized Chemical Co., Ltd. and other 20 companies. The strong participation of these new foreign companies will bring the number of international exhibitors at this exhibition to more than 20%.

  From November 14th to 16th, 2019, the first China International Natural Extracts and Health Food Ingredients Exhibition (FIC Health Exhibition) and the 19th National Autumn Food Additives and Ingredients Exhibition (FIC Autumn Exhibition) will be held in Guangzhou China Import and Export Commodities Fair Pazhou Complex was grandly held. Shandong Kangbao Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd. Booth No.: 10C22, welcome to visit and guide!