Global high-quality sucralose production enterprise

Current Situation and Development Situation of Domestic Sucralose Industry

Oct 26,2019

Sucralose, alias: sucralose; sucrose crystal; trichlorogalactose, chemical name: 4,1 ', 6', -trichloro-4,1 ', 6', -trideoxygalactose sucrose. A new type of sweetener jointly developed by Tate & Lyie and the University of London and patented in 1976. It is the only functional sweetener using sucrose as raw material. The original trademark name is Splenda, and the sweetness can reach 600 times that of sucrose. This sweetener has the characteristics of no energy, high sweetness, pure sweetness and high safety.

Sucralose has more advantages than sucrose, saccharin, AK sugar, aspartame, stevioside, etc. It has high safety and stable performance. It is a new type of high-quality, non-nutritive high-efficiency sweetener. It is a better and ideal sweetener for food for patients with obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes; it also belongs to the field of fine chemical products and is a branch product of food additives. It is not only widely used in health food and medicine, but also widely used in more than 300 processed products such as baked food, beverages, chewing coffee, dairy products, frozen snacks, ice cream, pudding, jelly, jam, syrup, etc. It has been widely accepted by the market and has become one of the most popular high-power sweeteners.

From 2015 to the first half of 2017, due to the implementation of the new environmental protection law, the price of sucralose has fluctuated greatly, the market supply is far greater than the demand, some enterprises are in a state of shutdown or semi-shutdown, and some even stop production. Beginning in March 2016, sucralose was subject to a sharp change in the relationship between supply and demand, and the price continued to soar. The higher price of the product was more than twice the trough, and the price rose to 586 yuan/kg at high times; in March-April 2017, the price fell, and continued to rise in July-August, and is still in the rising stage.

At present, most of the global sucralose production enterprises are in China except Taylor's in the United Kingdom. Taylor's in the United Kingdom has a production capacity of 3,500 tons, of which the US factory has a production capacity of about 1,000 tons per year and the Singapore factory has a production capacity of about 2,500 tons per year. However, the company closed the production capacity of 2,500 tons in Singapore in 2016 and completed the overall relocation to the United States. According to the "2017-2022 Comprehensive Research on the Market Status of China's Sucralose Industry and Investment Prospect Forecast Report" released by Xinsijie Industry Research Center, there are about ten major sucralose production enterprises in China, with a total production capacity of about 12,500 tons per year. In addition, although there are many sets of sucralose plants under construction in China, the production date is after 2018.