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product description

Chemical name: 1',6'-dichloro-1',6'-dideoxy-β-D-fructofuranosyl-4-chloro-4-deoxy-α-D-galactopyranoside
Alias: TGS; 4, 1', 6 '– sucralose; sucralose; sucralose




Molecular formula: C12H19O8Cl3
Appearance: white powder
CNS: 19.016
INS: E955
CAS No. [56038-13-2]
Sucralose is a new generation of non-nutritive, powerful sweet food additive that was successfully developed and put on the market in 1976 by Taylors. Sucralose is a white powdery product that is very soluble in water. The aqueous solution is clear and transparent, and its sweetness is 600 to 800 times that of sucrose.
Sucralose has the following advantages: 1. Sweet taste and good taste; 2. No calories, can be used by obese people, diabetics, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular patients and the elderly; 3. Sweetness can reach 650 times of sucrose, use The cost is low, the application cost is 1/4 of sucrose; 4, it is a derivative of natural sucrose, which has high safety and gradually replaces other chemical sweeteners in the market, and is a very high-quality sweetener in the world. Based on these advantages, sucralose is a hot product in the research and development of food and products, and its market growth rate has reached an annual average of more than 60%.
At present, sucralose has been widely used in beverages, food, products, cosmetics and other industries. Since sucralose is a derivative of natural sucrose, it is non-nutritive and is an ideal sweet substitute for obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes patients. Therefore, its use in health foods and products continues to expand.
Currently, sucralose has been approved for use in more than 3,000 food, health care products, pharmaceuticals and daily chemical products in more than 120 countries.




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As a professional sucralose production enterprise, Kangbao Technology faces users with high-quality products and excellent service. It has a sound and perfect marketing network. The product sucralose has won the trust of consumers everywhere.
The company summarizes the data reflected by the customer through the market. The sucralose product packaging of Shandong Kangbao Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd. has a total of 10kg box, 25kg box, 1kg bag to meet the needs of customers.
Companies adhering to the "scientific and technological achievements of healthy and sweet life" business philosophy, in a professional spirit and a responsible attitude, to provide quality products and services to society and customers.



10kg box and 1kg bag



25kg box

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